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Curbed Los Angeles on ADUs

Check out this great article about how to build ADUs in LA... Curbed LA on Requirements for ADUs #adu #accessorydwellingunit #dorothystreetadu #losangeles #buildingadu #garageconversion #grannyflat

Where It All Began

Our ADU journey started in April of 2017 with the question of: what if? What if we demolish his parent's garage and build a little cottage? Wouldn't that be cheaper than buying a house in Los Angeles??? (Uh, yeah!) We had been house hunting for months, and coming up short. Our search took us to Van Nuys, West Hills, Reseda, Encino, Lake Balboa, and we couldn't find anything under $500,000, and the homes that were in our budget required lots of renovation, and were too far awa


What is an ADU? An ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit. You may also know them as casitas, granny-flats, mother-in-law-apartments, she-sheds, cottages, or tiny houses. ADUs exist on the lot of an existing property, and can either be detached or attached to the main home. ADUs are a great alternative to the rising housing market as they're more affordable than buying an existing structure, and also increase the value of your main property. Thanks to Governor Brown and his a

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